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At Richard Roustio Attorney at Law, I have been practicing law and representing criminal defendants for more than 25 years, and I provide focused and tailored legal representation for those who have had their drivers’ licenses revoked. I have also worked as a public defender, spent a significant amount of time practicing felony defense, and have invested many years of my career in becoming an effective trial advocate. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get your driver’s license back – starting with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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How to Get Your Illinois Driver’s License Reinstated

There are a variety of reasons you may have had your driver’s license revoked by the State of Illinois, such as drunk driving or multiple serious traffic infractions. Regardless of the reasons your license has been revoked, being unable to lawfully operate a vehicle places a substantial burden on your ability to work, make an income, travel, and even be present in the lives of your loved ones. If your license has been revoked, you are probably eager to get it back – and I may be able to help.

In my decades of experience as a defense lawyer, I have helped countless people across Randolph and Perry Counties regain their driver’s licenses after a period of suspension. In every case, I start by meeting with each client, learning about his or her goals, and establishing a thorough, personalized strategy for achieving those goals.

Key Steps for License Reinstatement in Illinois

  • Demonstration of a clear driving record
  • Willing participation in drug- and alcohol-related evaluations
  • Completion of remedial education programs related to drugs and alcohol
  • Attend and testify in a hearing before an officer of the Illinois Secretary of State
  • Make written requests to the Illinois Secretary of State
  • Make a compelling case to the Illinois Secretary of State officer that reinstatement of your driving privileges would not pose a significant danger to members of the public
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility
  • Pay all appropriate fees and make all essential filing deadlines on time

Not all of these are necessary in every situation, but, in any case, getting your driver’s license reinstated in the State of Illinois is always a challenge. After committing the sort of serious or repeated offenses that warrant license revocation, it is often very difficult to prove to a Secretary of State officer that you will not pose any further danger to other members of the public. Making an effective case for driver’s license reinstatement requires in-depth knowledge and thoughtful legal advocacy that is out of reach for the average person (even with the Internet at your disposal). If you want to increase your likelihood of success and avoid an unpleasant tangle with the criminal justice system, it is absolutely essential that you hire a proven, skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you. 

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